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Research is more than just finding a few records. It begins with your specific goal or problem. Next I will identify records that may solve the problem and then begin the actual research. While researching I will not only record names, dates, and places but analyze what I've found (or not found) and write up the findings in a report. Research involves all of these activities and they are all billed as "research."

There are currently three options if you are interested in a research project.

  1. If you would like a one-time project my rate is $50/hour plus expenses with a minimum of 20 hours. You pay a retainer of half the total before research begins and the balance before your report is delivered.
  2. If you have an on-going project or would like to pay in more than two payments, you can pay monthly. The rate is stil $50/hour plus expenses with a minimum of ten hours per month for a minimum of three months (i.e. a minimum of 30 hours of research).
    For both of the above two options you only pay for the hours and expenses I use. If I am unable to complete the number of hours (whether because your project is solved in fewer hours or resources are unavailable), you do not owe the difference.
  3. The only option for "smaller" projects is a consultation package. The currently available packages are detailed in my online shop. Unlike the first two options, you are not paying by the hour but by the package. There are no refunds with packages unless I am unable to perform the research.

Technology and DNA

If you have specific technology tasks you need assistance with or want to get started using DNA for genealogy, contact me. Some technology tasks can be done as a consultation package for $100 or $250 depending on what you need. You can purchase a consultation package or contact me and request a quote.

Lineage Society Applications

Lineage society applications are an extension of research services. However, as a former DAR genealogist, I specialize in preparing DAR applications from initial research through filled out application form. For other societies I only provide research on your lineage. Priced as research with the option of package deals for DAR/SAR applications or supplementals.

Lectures and Teaching

Looking for a lecturer for your group? My education specialties are technology, using DNA for genelaogy, methodology, and DAR records (for DAR members or non-members). If you're looking for a lecture on a specific topic, please inquire. See available and past lectures listed with my upcoming lectures. My resume is available on the "About Us" page. Older lectures may not be available and some lectures can be tailored to your group. Please email me with questions.

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